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Barron Marine Services Ltd was established in 1980 when Ken Barron joined the long established Baltic Exchange company James A. McLaren & Co Ltd who were mainly involved with towage representation.  McLaren had started business in 1912 and over the years had been involved in ship stores representation.   Barron Marine Services Ltd was to develop the  agencies held by McLaren and soon the business grew and a truly worldwide ship supply network was established.

The philosophy of prompt service and judicious use of good suppliers was maintained and the Company’ client list grew from the ship owners of the past to the new breed of ship managers and contract caterers, as well as offshore operators, whilst the old links with the ship owners was maintained.   Barron Marine Services Ltd from the outset were members of both ISSA and IMPA and play an active part of BASS (British Association of Ship Suppliers). 

Today Barron Marine Services Ltd, for its many customers around the world arranges ship supplies on a competitive basis at several hundred locations around the world. A truly worldwide service from first class suppliers, all available on a competitive basis from barron.marine@mclarengroup.co.uk.

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